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LWPSoFLo provides Area Orientation (pre-relocation) and Destination Services (post-relocation) to support the difficult process of selecting the most suitable place to live and to facilitate the actual resettlement and integration of individuals and families into the new environment.  These services are unique to the individual or family based on lifestyle priorities at the destination location.  Such services may include area counseling, temporary or long-term housing accommodations, school information, settling-in services, home inspection, service providers and information on recreational activities, community and government programs, transportation, medical facilities, safety and emergency management, shopping, entertainment and any additional areas of interest or needs deemed important for positive and effective transition. 


Area Orientation Services - Prior to the physical move, LWPSoFLo will coordinate time with the relocating individual or family to inquire about specific lifestyle needs, priorities, preferences and/or interest that will serve as important factors in their new environment.  Conducting this needs assessment will help in understanding the elements which will be crucial in planning the most effective and appropriate area tour that will best accommodate their unique lifestyle needs.  Depending on the timing, flexibility and overall requisites of the client, our area orientation tours can be
coordinated into a single or multi-day tour.   
‣ School Visits Based On Identified Needs (Appointments With School Facilities Will Be Pre-Arranged In Anticipation Of The Tour For Maximum Timing Efficiency)
‣ Tour Of Specific Sites Of Relevance Predetermined During Initial Consultation


Destination / Settling In Services - While the impact of relocation can seem like an exhaustive process, particularly in the case of international transitions, LWPSoFLo provides essential destination support services that are critical to individuals and families to fully support their unique resettlement and integration.  All services are customized and personalized to meet the unique needs and budget of the individual client. 



Whether considering a move to Florida for retirement, leisure, quality of life or professional reasons, our Relocation Management Services will provide individuals and families the personalized support and attention to detail needed to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition. LWPSoFLo coordinates, oversees and manages the relocation process by acting as a client representative during the move and coordinating resettlement and integration at the destination location. Services are available for home or small office.